A message from THE


Welcome to our Website!   Our hope is that through this website, we can assist people with intellectual disabilities and their families to find the support needed to participate fully in our home community of Quesnel, British Columbia.

Our Agency was formed by families in 1959.  Family members have always been deeply involved and guided the direction the Association has taken over the last 50 years.   We are also members of the British Columbia Association for Community Living and are proud to participate in the many serious advocacy efforts they undertake for people with intellectual disabilities in our Province.

As Government moves services to models that are more independent of groups such as ours, we want to provide a place to network and remain connected to others who are experiencing similar challenges or to those who are doing similar work. 

By working in partnership, we can assist in removing barriers to service where individuals live, work, and relax in our community.

As our world continues to become more complex, it is important to give Families, Self Advocates and independent Caregivers the tools to manage the intricate systems of support they require.   We invite you to use our Website as one of those important links to your own personal support network.