Quesnel Community Living Association was formed in 1959 to advocate for services for children with Intellectual Disabilities.  By 1977 the focus had shifted to meeting the needs of adults with Intellectual Disabilities.  We provide 24 hour Residential Programs, Self Help Skills and Day Programs, as well as, Semi-Independent Living Programs to individuals requiring services.  In 2000, QCLA recognized the need to support people who were experiencing changing needs due to aging or other physical challenges.  To respond to this need the Association purchased a ranch style home.  Major renovations resulted in a wheelchair accessible facility which retained the atmosphere of a home.

Philosophy and Mission Statement

Quesnel Community Living Association is a non profit organization which includes people with intellectual disabilities, advocates, families and care-givers.  We believe all people with intellectual disabilities are individual in their ambitions, needs, abilities and gifts.  We believe they are entitled to equal rights and equal opportunities as are all members of society.  We are committed to supporting people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their fullest possible independence and participation in our society according to their wishes.

QCLA will assist individuals to understand, exercise and promote their rights.   Some examples of the rights that are important to all individuals are:  freedom from discrimination, the right to vote, the right to privacy, the right to communicate, and the right to give consent.

QCLA will assist individuals to live, work and play in the least restrictive, most culturally normative settings as possible.   We will encourage and support the most normal physical and social integration in the community by utilizing community and cultural resources.