Board of Directors

Our Board is made up of members of our community that are elected by the membership of the Society at the Annual General Meeting.

Our current board of directors is a group of dedicated, busy individuals who contribute their time, energy and unique skills to ensure the continued growth of QCLA.  They meet once per month to conduct Association business.

The volunteers that make up our Board and membership are interested in the continued growth of our community.  They realize the importance of advocacy for those members of our society that are the most vulnerable. 

Current Executive

  • President – Leonora Buthge

  • Vice President – Joan Calihou

  • Secretary – Tammy Janzen

  • Treasurer – Sharon Mackay

  • Director – Ken Calihou

  • Director - Gaye Chahl

  • Director – Peggy Smith

  • Director - Shirley Powers