Employment Opportunities


Job Summary

The role of the Casual Support Worker is to cover absences due to sick leave, vacation, special leave or any other approved leave. Further, this important role is crucial for coverage of temporary vacancies and maintaining capacity when expansion opportunities arise.

Reports to

The Program Coordinator managing the particular program, or the On Call Designate.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Collect data and adhere to all program guidelines. Data collection will include:

  2. Emergency and safety procedures, self help and hygiene programs, domestic programs (eg: household chores),meal preparation and cleanup, (ensure that meals are nutritious and balanced), behavioral programs, social programs, Individual Service Plan (ISP) goals.

  3. Ensure that necessary medications are administered and/or assist in programs designed to teach Individuals to take their own medications and keep all necessary data, including signing of medication sheets.  Assist with all medical and dental visits.   Communicate to Supervisor any unusual health problems.  Assist during and after seizures or other health related crisis and provide appropriate documentation.

  4. Encourage Individuals to make use of community resources.  Promote the involvement of Individuals in their community and assist them in making friends. Promote cultural diversity and acceptance.  Promote healthy relationships with family and support networks.  Report any concerns to the Program Director or the Person on call.   Ensure that Individuals dress appropriately for all occasions including:  work, social occasions and seasonal situations.

  5. Respond to any emergency situations, deal with and document them appropriately.  Report any critical incidents promptly to the Program Coordinator or the Person On Call. Report any observation of abusive or neglectful incidents promptly to the Program Coordinator.

  6. Ensure that all areas are terminally cleaned regularly.  Ensure all areas are hazard free and that all exits are clear.  Ensure all work areas are tidied regularly.  Report any unsafe conditions to the Program Coordinator.

  7. Attend regular program meetings.  Participate in training workshops. Attend ISP meetings as requested by the Individual.  Communicate on a regular basis with other staff:

    • a)through communication books

    • b)through phone calls

    • c)through person to person meetings

    • d)maintain a respectful working relationship with co-workers.

  8. Maintain confidentiality.  Adhere to all Q.C.L.A. policies and conditions of employment.

  9. Maintain a valid driver’s license and submit a driver’s abstract annually.   Assist in the maintenance of QCLA vehicles.  Ensure safe personal vehicle if used for job duties.

  10. Ensure receipts are kept for all purchases.  Keep records of mileage used for the program.                         

  11. All other duties assigned by the Program Coordinator.


This position requires Grade 12 or GED.  Preference is given to those candidates who have post secondary education in the field or the equivalent in education and experience.  Equivalencies are outlined on our selection criterion rating guide for competitions for regular employment.  A copy of these equivalencies is found behind the job descriptions in the policy manuals.

Direct program delivery experience in the community social service sector with a demonstrated working knowledge of community-based programs and related provincial and community support services is preferred.

Job Skills and Abilities

This position requires an individual who has strong teamwork skills, good communication skills (written and oral) and good organizational skills.   It requires a good understanding of various disabilities and teaching methods.  The position requires openness to cultural diversity and support for nurturing family and support network relationships.

Additional information

Casual Staff may be required to work outside the organization’s facilities and outside normal working hours.   A moderate level of physical fitness is required of this position since direct delivery of services may involve walking, standing, kneeling, lifting etc.

Employees are expected to participate in in-service education as well as any offered formal education.

Casual Staff will not be responsible for the initiation of new programming.  Suggestions can be forwarded to the Program Coordinator responsible for the program area.

Resumes can be sent to the attention of Jeana Moore - Executive Coordinator at officemanager@qcla.ca