Racing Road Residence

QCLA operates two residential settings - each with unique characteristics and dynamics but sharing the common theme of providing a comfortable and supportive environment to help residents achieve their highest level of independence.  Our main areas of support are:

  • Health and Personal Care

  • Safety

  • Building and Maintaining relationships with family and friends

  • Skill Development in the home, community and workplace

  • Empowerment through encouraging input and choice making

  • Community access and involvement including

    • Recreation and Leisure

    • Spiritual and Cultural interests

Racing Road is a ranch style home which accommodates residents who require twenty four hour care. The house has been made wheelchair accessible and, as it provides services to more than three people, is a Licensed Facility.  It offers an elevator, ramps, wheelchair accommodating washrooms and lifts. Each resident has his or her own private room where decorating is done according to each person's taste.  The common areas of the home are shared by everyone.  Residents are encouraged to have input into the decor and furnishing of their home. The meals are prepared according to nutritional guidelines to meet each person’s individual dietary needs and personal preferences.  The community is accessed as much as possible.  Each individual is encouraged to participate in their interests of choice.