Self Help Skills

This program is primarily designed for adults with Diverse Abilities who live on their own, with their families or caregivers.  Program Participants must be able to access the community independently.  Service goals are broad based and include: Employment readiness skills, work experience, community inclusion skills, health and safety, augmentative communication, shopping, budgeting, as well as other life skills.  Services are offered on a part-time or full-time basis and provided in a group setting.  Self Help Skills encourages individuals to use the support systems that already exist in our community to build and maintain independence.

The main areas of focus in Self Help Skills are:

  • Training and skill building in identified areas 
  • Health and Safety
  • Self Advocacy and Peer Networking
  • Community Inclusion
  • Social Enterprise
  • Supported Employment

*Applications for this service are referred through Community Living British Columbia*


  • Swimming and Gym

    Fun in the water

  • Culture and Diversity Activities

    Learning about local history and culture

  • Timber Park Walk

    Some fresh air and fun in the sun

  • Meals on Wheels Volunteering

    Helping people in the community

  • Bowling or Hiking

    Keeping life exciting with two options

  • Library Visit

    Books and reading at the library

  • Hamster Care

    Making sure Vinnie is well looked after.

  • Baking

    Baking skills and recipes

  • Absolute Art

    Art Classes at the Rec Center

  • Walk in the Community

    Some exercise and fresh air

  • Cooking Skills

    Learn to cook a variety of meals.

  • Dance Class

    Weekly dance class at the Rec Center